Lomi Life is rated among three of the best massages of Melbourne’s Inner North 
by The Weekly Review

(Previously trading as Habitat Massage).


What clients are saying about Lomi Life

“Best massage I’ve ever had . . .  a total body mind spirit experience . . . without doubt one of the most powerful and effective massages ever . . . 100% professional . . . an intuitive therapist . . . the most wonderful, nurturing massage . . . whole body tightness and soreness alleviated . . . such an honouring and delicious style . . . a 5 star experience . . . very opening, held and deeply relaxing . . . I always walk out physically and mentally uplifted . . . deeply therapeutic and very pleasurable . . . the massage I’ve searched years for . . . there is nothing like a Lomi Lomi.”

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Living the Lomi Life

Experience deep relaxation, renewed vitality, clarity, peace, joyful bliss, connection to self and a richer way of being, through holistic Polynesian rebalancing of muscle, mind and heart. Whether you’re in need of effective muscle work, pain/tension relief, deep relaxation, energy shifting, compassionate nurturing, general maintenance/rebalancing or all of the above, Lomi Life will fully customise a massage for you in the delightfully located studio by Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North, Melbourne.


Why choose Lomi Life?

At Lomi Life, a practitioner treats no more than four clients per day in order to give with full heart and mindfulness, honouring each and every client. Mindful bodywork can provoke introspection, clarity and inspiration. Revelations from this deeply meditative work (“I had no idea I felt this way!”) can generate insights with broader significance.

Rebalancing and reconnecting with ourselves, with our body wisdom, can be a real “reset” and a catalyst for personal growth. It can remind us of what it’s like to feel amazing, to feel in harmony. We often really need that reminder. We may then feel to reclaim that sense of wellbeing in the rest of our lives.





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